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Entrepreneurship Education from an Early Age contributes to the development & success of each of our children. It is also important for the future of our country transforming as “Atmanirbhar Bharat”.

Therefore, for multiplying the growth and impact of Startups in India


(Incubated under IGDTUW University)


StartUpX Junior


Young Entrepreneur's Program for ages 13-18 years

Bringing Entrepreneurship Learning to Life through S.T.E.A.M. education


When innovating a product, SCIENCE IS KEY:

Hypothesizing, testing, improving and trying new things are not only key to entrepreneurship – students rely on the scientific method to bring science to life in the products they innovate.


When managing a business, TECHNOLOGY IS KEY:

STEAMEDU doesn’t just introduce students to technology – our curriculum provides them with a deeper understanding of the fundamentals behind it to use in the management of their companies.


When solving a problem, ENGINEERING IS KEY:

Engineering isn’t just a skillset – it’s also a mindset. Working in terms and viewing mistakes as opportunities, students experience engineering the way it happens in the real world – introducing them to the creative problem-solving side of entrepreneurship.


When visualising an idea, building a team and designing a product, ART IS KEY:

Every creative idea has a place and can be expressed through art to a wider audience. Managing people through art is an integral part of team building. Design can be brought to life through art with an entrepreneurial mindset.


When creating a budget, MATH IS KEY:

Students develop crucial mathematics and analytical thinking skills through the creation of budgets for their product and the development of financial literacy knowledge as they build their enterprise.

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