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Technovation Club


Technovation offers girls around the world the opportunity to learn the skills they need to emerge as tech entrepreneurs and leaders.

STEAMEDU runs Technovation Club as community outreach program for bridging The Gender Gap in STEM and our volunteering mentors form and mentor teams of young women who identify a problem, create an app to solve it, code the app, build a company to launch the app in the market, and pitch their plan to the experts.


In year 2019, STEAMEDU voluntarily mentored 89 girls (in 19 teams) from rural areas of DELHI and remotest area- LEH LADAKH(highest altitude of INDIA). Kindly have a look on their 19 apps they created for social impact


Description – An App to help to increase the winter cultivation in high altitude areas in Leh Ladakh

Team Name – Devachan

Members – Jigmet Yangzom, Jigmet Chuzin, Rigzen Wangmo, Stanzin Dolkar, Sonam Chosdon

Mentors: Vani


Description – An App which to discover yourself by connecting you to your inner soul

Team Name – Ladakhi Rising Girls

Members – Sonam Angmo, Stanzin Dolma, Rinchen Angmo, Padma Youtol, Padma Chuskit

Mentors: Shivani


Description – An App to preserve wildlife through awareness of rare wild animal species

Team Name – Dream 7

Members – Jigmat Diskit, Jigmat Palmo, Tsering Yanchen, Padma Ladol, Chunit Tsomo

Mentors: Vani, Shivani

Save Water

Description – An app to create awareness about saving water in high altitude areas like ladakh

Team Name – Igniting Minds

Members – Tseriang Chosdon, Padma Ladol, Stanzin Dolker, Gigmat Yangchen, Sonam Zomskit

Mentors : Shubhangi

Jaago Grahak Jaago

Description – An app which spreads awareness about the ever increasing adulteration problem in the country and teaches the ways one can detect adulterated items and report the same to appropriate authorities. It helps one become an alert and aware consumer

Team Name – Powerpuff girls

Members – Nandni ,Ritu, Khushi, Swati, Deepa

Mentors : Kajal

Happy School Study

Description – An e-buddy required by any school student to save him/her the trouble of remembering deadlines, preserving notes and more. It also teaches the student about the famous and extremely effective “POMODORO TECHNIQUE” which helps increase focus and brain retention power.

Team Name – Girl force

Members – Dolly, Sonam, Suhani, Shivani

Mentors : Kajal


With Rfills you can recycle your things while earning Rfills karma points which can be used to redeem various kind of coupons

Team Name – Enlighters

Members – Shivani, Roshni, Aarti, Jyoti

Mentors: Shivani


Description – An App to detect the fire at earliest and sends notification to your family members , neighbors and all other contacts you add in the app.

Team Name – Sky flyers

Members – Suhani, Madhu, Anjali, Sapna

Mentors: Shivani


Description – VR app which helps students to understand the actions taken during earthquake

Team Name – Smart Girls VC

Members – Sushmita, Pooja, Naina, Khushi

Mentors: Vaishali


Description – RICKAXI-A SAFE WAY, is a convenient,inexpensive and safe E-rickshaw service app

Team Name – Adorable girls

Members – Bhawna Kumari, Kritika Sahu, Kajal Kumari, Sakhshi devi

Mentors: Vani


Description – An App which will provides a platform for people to directly connect with cleaners supporting “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”.

Team Name – Smart and Bold girls

Members – Tina Kumari, Rashmi Rathore, Sandhya Kumari, Pushpa Kumari, Saloni Kumari

Mentors: Vani

Find Document

Description – An App to help to save the destination of important document and user can locate their document through this app.

Team Name – Success Girls

Members – Vinita kumari, Soni Kumari, Ritu Kumari, Annu kumari, Karishma panchal

Mentors: Arun

Jeevan Daan

Description – An App to give the opportunity to kids who do not have access to education by connecting them to free educational centers near their place so that they can also achieve their goals and be a successful person.’Jeevan Daan’ means to ‘Save a Life’

Team Name – Techpreneurs

Members – Anjali Mishra, Shalu Singh, Kaushlya Singh, Manisha Mandal,Payal Mandal

Mentors: Pooja


Description – An app which helps you to prevent alcoholism at home

Team Name – Techno Queens

Members – Radha Jha, Sanjana Kumari, Sakshi Pandey, Kajal Sha, Chhavi Kumari

Mentors: Pooja

Cattle Rattle

Description – An app to help in controlling stray cattle menace by connecting people directly to cattle nuisance control authorities.

Team Name – The Trenders

Members – Tanu Prajapati, Divya Singhal, Deepika Kumari, Riya Jha, Neetu Rai

Mentors: Dr. Rashmi Tyagi


Description – An app to learn english alphabets helping children and as well parents who are not literate.

Team Name – The TechLeaders

Members – Durga Kumari, Khushi Pal, Radha Yadav, Aarti Kumari

Mentors: Ravi Kumar


Description – An app based on mathematical calculations to develop interest of students in maths.

Team Name – Creative VC Girls

Team Members – Bhawna Adhikari, Karishma Pasvan, Chhoti Jha, Archana Singh, Aarti Mishra 

Mentors: Ravi Kumar

E- Attendance Register

Description – An app to track real time attendence of Students and Teachers to prevent early drop outs

Team Name – Super Technovation Girls

Team Members – Aunam Dosaj, Aashka 

Mentor: Tanya Thukral

VR Flood Warrior

Description –  “Flood Fighters”
A VR Game to educate players on how to safely interact with floods

Team Name – The Crusaders 

Team Members – Priyanshi Gupta, Navya Sachdeva, Shubhi Sareen, Amica Aggarwal and Suhani Sareen 

Mentors: Tanya Thukral