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New Education Policy focuses on “How to think” – PM

We are now moving from “what to think” and are going to encourage and focus on “how to think” approach to education: PM

The effort now is to emphasise inquiry-based, discovery-based, discussion-based, and analysis based methods for children to learn. This will increase the urge to learn in children and increase their participation in their class: PM

  • Every student should have the opportunity to follow their passion. According to their convenience and need, a student can follow any degree or course and can leave. This is the thinking behind removing the concept of “streams” in higher education and introducing multiple entry and exit, credit bank. We are moving towards the era where a person will not remain in one profession throughout his life. For this, he will have to constantly re-skill and up-skill himself: PM
  • Concepts like virtual labs are going to carry the dream of better education to millions of students who could not read such subjects before in which lab experiment is necessary: PM

STEAMEDU provides an ecosystem for authentic research & innovation experience with instilling the seed of entrepreneurship early from the school age to infuse related principles and practices into S.T.E.A.M.
Education to include high levels of inquiry, discovery, and research with deep immersion and mentor ship on next generation technologies

Our Mission: To provide students with the knowledge and skills that they will need as they move into college and careers, in order to solve the problems of the 21st Century and beyond

Lets promote inquiry-based, discovery-based, discussion-based, and analysis based methods by joining innovative learning programs with STEAMEDU

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