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“Educational institutions are Temple of Learning” – President of India

In his address to the nation on the eve of the 71st Republic Day, President Ram Nath Kovind stressed on constitutional ideals.

When our land was pushed into backwardness after the long colonial rule, it was education that emerged as a path to empowerment. Even though the development of our educational institutions commenced soon after Independence, in an environment of scarcity of resources, our achievements in the field of education have followed a remarkable trajectory. Our endeavour is to ensure that no child or youth is denied education. At the same time, we need to strive to reach global education standards by continuous reform of our educational systems.

At STEAMEDU its our passion to provide world class education which is Affordable, Accessible and Acceptable. STEAMEDU believes that everybody has a right to information. We facilitate information to knowledge, knowledge to wisdom and wisdom to entrepreneurship

The next generation remains strongly committed to the core values of our nation. For our youth, the nation always comes first. With them, we are witnessing the emergence of a New India.

Knowledge has always been considered more valuable than power, fame or money in India. Educational institutions are considered as the place to acquire knowledge in the Indian tradition, i.e. the temple of learning. The foundations of a sound education system were built in ancient times, with the setting up of great universities like Nalanda and Takshashila. Our many achievements in the field of education are notable. It is our endeavor that no child or youth of the country should be deprived of the facilities of education. When our land was pushed into backwardness after the long colonial rule, it was education that emerged as a path to empowerment

STEAMEDU creates a culture of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Social outreach and Women empowerment.

There is a consistent effort by the government to ensure overall development of each and every part of the country – be it Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh, the states in the North-East or our Islands in the Indian Ocean

STEAMEDU also does community outreach programs with student
interns, to reach the remotest areas as well as education centres where
there is still a stigma for such kind of modern education and hand-hold the
underprivileged students of the society

Leh – Ladhak

Happy Republic Day !

Jai Hind!

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