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President address on 73rd Independence Day: India has reached pinnacle of innovation

President Ram Nath Kovind said that while the government has its inevitable part to play, the greater opportunity and ability lies in the skill, talent, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship of 1.3 billion Indians.

Fiscal reforms and easier regulations for business have meaning only if our entrepreneurs, whether small start-ups or big industrialists, use these to build honest and imaginative enterprises and create sustainable jobs,” he said.

President Ram Nath Kovind encouraged creative education in schooling system to develop a culture of innovation

“We have recently created several central universities; Indian Institutes of Technology; All India Institutes of Medical Sciences; and Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research. These investments will create a huge pool of scientists, clinician-researchers and technologists for a changing India. For these investments to bear fruit, these institutions and also schools must be as good as the best in the world,” said Kovind.

We need to build an ecosystem for converting innovations into enterprises. This requires backing for start-ups and for incubating young innovators by providing financial, mentoring and policy support.

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